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Drop-in & Play

Adult Drop-in & Play: Adults need to have the opportunity to play the sports they loved playing as kids! Look no further then our adult drop-in & play programs. We currently offer adult soccer drop-in & play (beginning October  2021) & adult basketball drop-in & play(beginning November 2021). Adult drop-in & play consists of round robin tournament style play & will be based on a first come, first serve basis (space is limited!). The cost for either of these programs is $10 per player. 
Anytime Drop-in & Play: You may drop-in & play at the center any day of the week for just $10/person. Get some shots up on one of our turf fields or basketball court, bring your buddies & get a pick-up game going, or even get a full-on workout in with all the equipment our facility has to offer! Please call before dropping-in!